Our goal: Advancing how Canadians connect with each other and the world

We’re fortunate to be the leader in an exciting and dynamic industry that will be central to unlocking new opportunities for Canadians everywhere. Bell’s goal in this new era is to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world.

This means understanding how our work impacts the daily lives of people across our country – and continuously innovating to find creative and competitive ways to make their lives even better. Whether it’s helping them and their communities to connect locally or globally, enabling their business success or keeping them entertained, Bell will deliver faster and better than anyone.

Our Strategy focuses on 6 imperatives:

1. Build the best networks :

Build the best networks : When it comes to building the networks of the future, Bell has been the leader for 140 years. With unrelenting focus over the past decade on capital investment in the leading fibre and wireless technology, networks have again become Bell’s critical competitive advantage. We will continue to expand the scale of our all-fibre connections, open up Wireless Home Internet to even more small communities, enhance our media networks to support new ways to deliver content, and build on our 4G LTE lead by launching the next generation of wireless with mobile 5G.

2. Drive growth with innovative services :

Drive growth with innovative services : With the fastest Internet and best Wi-Fi, the highest-quality mobile services, and a growing range of next-generation IoT solutions, smart home products and business solutions like Virtual Network Services, Bell is the industry’s innovation leader. We’ll build on that reputation, leveraging our network superiority to provide the new, integrated services that consumers and businesses want, and driving our market-share and revenue growth.

3. Deliver the most compelling content :

Deliver the most compelling content : We will take a unified approach to engaging and informing Canadian audiences by delivering the content they want the most on the platforms of their choice. We’re #1 in TV now with Fibe TV, Alt TV, Crave and our leading Bell Media streaming platforms, and will take content creation and delivery into the future with continued leadership in product innovation and strategic partnerships.

4. Champion customer experience :

Champion customer experience : We’ve made great strides in providing improved service to our customers, and we will continue to enhance the end-to-end customer journey. Shopping, buying and installation; the user experience with our communications services, content platforms and self-serve tools; after-sale support … every interaction will be a key building block to make it easier for customers to do business with Bell.

5. Operate with agility and cost efficiency :

Operate with agility and cost efficiency : Our highly competitive industry requires a dedication to operational efficiency and the ability to be nimble and adaptable in a fast-changing marketplace. Our team has earned a reputation for excellence and we will build on our industry-leading cost structure by putting in place the tools you need to continue to be the best in Canadian communications, including modernizing our network core and streamlining IT systems.

6. Engage and invest in our people

Improve customer service : This new imperative recognizes how critically important our team is to Bell’s success. Our company is recognized as a leading workplace and we’re focused on making it even better.

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