Bell Technical Solutions (BTS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Canada that specializes in the installation of Bell services, including Home Phone, Internet and Fibe TV. BTS operates in the residential and business sectors throughout Québec and Ontario. With more than 6000 employees, BTS has experienced strong growth since its foundation in 1996 and continues to distinguish itself from the competition through highly skilled labour and an unwavering commitment to providing the best possible customer experience.

Our goal: Advancing how Canadians connect with each other and the world

We’re fortunate to be the leader in an exciting and dynamic industry that will be central to unlocking new opportunities for Canadians everywhere. Bell’s goal in this new era is to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world.

This means understanding how our work impacts the daily lives of people across our country – and continuously innovating to find creative and competitive ways to make their lives even better. Whether it’s helping them and their communities to connect locally or globally, enabling their business success or keeping them entertained, Bell will deliver faster and better than anyone.

Our Strategy focuses on 6 imperatives:

  1. Build the best networks
  2. Drive growth with innovative services
  3. Deliver the most compelling content
  4. Champion customer experience
  5. Operate with agility and cost efficiency
  6. Engage and invest in our people

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Bell and Bell Technical Solutions

“Bell Technical Solutions (BTS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Canada. Bell is Canada’s largest communications company, providing consumers and business with solutions for all their communication needs. BTS ensures that Bell customers are receiving the most reliable and efficient installation and repair services with Bell’s products, including but not limited to, Bell Fibe TV, Bell Internet and Bell Home Phone.

Our technicians are trained on all aspects of Bell products and various technologies to ensure that our customers receive amazing customer service. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority at BTS and Bell Canada and we continually work together to keep our customers feeling confident in our ability to service their needs.”

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