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Our goal is to develop our leaders of tomorrow in a supportive and fostering environment. We want to enable students and new graduates to excel within our organization and apply what we teach them to their day to day lives.

We want to make a commitment to students and new graduates to train and develop them to be experts in their respective fields.

Therefore, we continuously hire students and new grads each year for roles within our Field Operations teams. We believe in providing all the right tools and opportunities within an ideal environment for our students and new grads to succeed.

On Campus Recruitment

  • Bell Technical Solutions is involved in various career fairs across Ontario and Quebec. We collaborate directly with campuses to coordinate information sessions, resume workshops and career fairs.

Our Student Recruitment Process

  • We are looking for individuals that are highly adaptable and have a motivation for continuously learning new things. We post all our student and graduate postings on our website under the careers section, along with our corporate and field operations roles. The majority of our student and graduate recruitment is focused on Field Service Technicians, so that new hires gain a foundational understanding of how Bell Technical Solutions works.
  • There are a variety of selection methods that are used to make a hiring decision such as online assessments, video screening and face to face behavioural interviews.

Training & Development

  • All of our students and new graduates go through an intensive training program at the start of their employment. This training program covers various electronic & telecommunication related topics such as FibeTV, internet and home phone installations and repairs, etc.

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